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Kim Kardashian West the Fashion Icon!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Kim Kardashian West in a Red Shoulder Strap Evening Gown
Dashing KKW in a Red Evening Gown

You might love her or loathe her but one thing is certain ladies, Kim Kardashian West skillfully has always managed to dominate all the tabloids for more than a decade. She is the most sought celebrity by writers and bloggers as she gives the writer a great deal of motives to write and speculate. In fact here I am, caught under her spell, writing my very first blog about this dynamic personality.

Oh! Mind at east everyone! Don't worry this is not another tedious blog regarding Kimmy's zestful personal life or her past/present whereabouts. Gossiping is not the principal purpose of this blog, however, a little peeping into celebrities' closets and drawers would not hurt anyone. So far, the internet has never failed popping out for us Kim with her voluptuous and seductive figure, boasting her innovative outfits. Not to mention her hairstyles, alluring Makeup, stunning jewellery, high heals shoes and numerous expensive bags. Speaking for myself (and I know many of you do the same), I thrive to acquire latest trends coming from her.

If we go back to the days when KKW made her first public appearance with Paris Hilton, since than, she has given us countless transformations, all superbly matched for the occasion or event. Her internal life and the various careers, gave additional impact on the manner of dressing up. She also gone from being a reality star to a model, influencer, actress, and entrepreneur and her looks kept on changing accordingly.

Over the years, we have witness her fashion history evolving, since the days of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" she prominently appeared with lace and mermaid-style dresses, belted tunics, velour jumpsuits, leggings, corsets patterned blouses, strapless body-con, leopard dresses, huh the list is endless. Today at the age of 40 plus, she has transformed her appearance into a more refined and sophisticated look, and established herself into fashion industry with her own brand. Undoubtedly, Kim Kardashian West is worthy of being called the fashion icon.

Well ladies lets be honest we cannot blame men for turning into pillars of salt when they watch Kim Kardashian West!

We at G A R B I Fashion got you some KKW Evening Gowns, outfits and accessories at incredible prices!!!!........Affiliated links under each photo :)

KKW in Red Evening Gown
Kim Kardashian One Shoulder Red Celebrity Evening Gown

KKW Black Lace Evening Gown
Kim Kardashian Black Lace Celebrity Evening Gown

KKW White Chiffon Evening Gown
Kim Kardashian White Chiffon Celebrity Evening Gown

KKW Black Eving Gown
Kim Kardashian Black Stunning Evening Gown

KKW White Two Piece Dress
Kim Kardashian White Casual Two Piece Dress

KKW Black Large Sunglasses
Kim Kardashian Famous Black Sunglasses

KKW Two Piece White Fleece Crop Top and Jogging Pants
Kim Kardashian White Fleece Fluffy 2 Piece Set Crop Top and Jogging Pants

KKW White Fitted Dress
Kim Kardashian White Lace Fitted Dress

KKW White and Gold Bandage Dress
Kim Kardashian White and Gold Elegant Robe De Soiree Evening Gown

KKW Makeup Poster
Kim Kardashian Fan Poster

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