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No More Lockdowns....Let's Party!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Damn the pandemic!!! As the number of vaccinated people is increasing the more we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly, we can resume many activities that we did before the pandemic. At some point we were all denied from things we once enjoyed doing. Among numerous things, not being able to meet up with relatives and friends brought up many anguished experiences.

Setting our mind into a positive attitude is the only way forward to face our future. Speaking from a person coming from the Fashion industry who has spent nearly ten years counselling women what to wear on special occasions, watching last week fashion show in Paris with top fashion designers was an emotional and joyful moment. This has given me a forward boost to keep up with the job I love and my loyal commitment with my clients. What a glorious moment for us all, watching the world waking up again!!!

On this blog I have added some ideas (links attached) which are ideal for special venues. All designs come with various colours and the prices are all below €50/$58. Now that the festive season is soon with us we might as well start adding new apparel in our wardrobes. We definitely deserve it!!! ArCeGee

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